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These are simple indications of what to expect and what we offer. Prices and deliverables are not final. (Prices are in US $)
Basic Project | $5k - $10k
Basic projects are usually projects for smaller, start-up businesses. The problems to solve are standard and predictable and there are not many “moving parts”. The entire project should take between 6 and 10 weeks to complete.

This is ideal for online brochures, landing pages aimed at conversions, or upgrading existing websites.
Professional Solution | $10k - $20
Professional Projects are usually for smaller, yet established businesses. These projects require functionality that adds value to your business or organisation, design that enhances the brand message and an experience that sets you apart in a crowded digital landscape.

Examples of such projects might be Interactive websites with a large number of pages and content. Small or start-up ecommerce websites or even a basic MVP (Minimum Viable Product)/prototype mobile app or web application with a straight-forward idea that needs execution. These take between 10 and 16 weeks
Established Projects | $20k - $50k
Ideal for mid to larger sized companies or small projects for large corporations. These projects require detailed, specialised consideration and attention to solve unique problems in functional ways.

These projects include specialist company websites with a tailored content management system (CMS); Ecommerce websites that bring in significant revenue; Web Applications designed to improve business processes in a company, or an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) mobile app or web application where the idea is more complex. We expect that this should take between 16 and 24 weeks
Bespoke Solutions | $50k +
If any of the other options do not cover what you need, we can offer bespoke solutions where we work together intimately to find solutions to your specific needs.

This might be the appropriate option if you need custom designed and developed mobile or web applications, want us to partner in a new venture where you can rely on our experience and expertise to grow the business or have a number of projects now, and in the future where we can contribute significant value.
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