Our Team.

We have over 50 years of experience in the industry. We've seen a lot and know what works. We use our knowledge to make a real difference for our clients.

Iaan van Niekerk

Co-founder + CEO

Sergio Pellegrini

Co-founder + CTO

Melissa Vogel

Program Manager

Sarah Jane Strauss

Project Coordinator

Anske van Niekerk

UX Researcher + Designer

Erwin Bindeman

UI Designer

John-William Lotriet

Junior Front-end Developer

James Gray

Front-end Engineer

Harry Wassermann

Full-stack Engineer

Sterna Muller

Full-stack + QA Engineer

Mpho Phaka

Mobile Engineer

Carlos Gonzalez

Full-stack Engineer

Larry Karani

Front-end Engineer

Tino Jokomo

Back-end Engineer

Bhavana Harilal

Front-end Engineer

We are experts

Experienced. Exceptional. Impact that matters.

Passionate even in obscurity. Our work, noticed or not.

No settling for "okay." We chase greatness.

Systems support the team. It's the team that brings greatness.

Investing in growth. Embracing hard work.

Taking charge of what we can. Diligence breeds success.


Teams are empowered

Understand client outcomes and goals.

Work together to get better.

Responsible for delivering outcomes, not completing tasks.

Embrace a proactive mindset for ongoing improvements, refactors, updates, and testing.


Clients are partners

On the same team, aiming at the same goals.

We pro-actively look out for the client.

We are not the right partner for everyone.


We are calm

Late nights and weekends is not a strategy.

Rest, restoration and family time is sacred.

Enjoying each other's company, caring for the whole person.